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Makeover Fashion: Choosing the Right Clothes for your Body Shape

Most women hate to talk about their body shape. There is always one area that we are not happy with. Whether it is our tummy, bum, thighs or arms – there is always at least one area we want to cover up. With makeover fashion, you need to know what body shape you are to choose the right clothes to suit it. Whether you like your body or not you are stuck with it. Therefore you might as well make the most of it with makeover fashion!

Understanding the Different Body Shapes

There are six main body types that you could potentially be. These include:

  • Oval(apple)
  • Hourglass
  • Rectangle (Banana)
  • Triangle(Pear)
  • Diamond
  • Inverted triangle

The above are the main four body shapes associated with makeover fashion. However, there are many different shapes that you could be. If you have an hourglass shape for example, you will have a narrow waist with an equal bust and hip size. Body fat seems to be split evenly between the upper and the lower body.                                                 Celebrity hourglass shape: Scarlett Johansson.

Triangle shaped women have a bigger hip measurement than bust measurement. The buttocks, thighs and hips tend to have the most fat. Makeover fashion for straight shaped woman will find that fat is mainly prominent in the abdomen, chest and face. Finally the last makeover fashion shape is oval. This is where the fat is distributed throughout the chest, face and abdomen. The shoulders are broader and the hips are narrower with this body shape. Celebrity triangle shape: Rihanna, Shakira.

Diamond body shape is characterised by narrow shoulders and a small bust and back, with most of the weight distributed through the midriff and waist area. If you have a diamond shape you should avoid anything overly fitted, patterned, contrasting or tailored through the waist.

If you’ve an inverted triangle frame, with wide shoulders, perhaps a big bust and narrow hips, you’ll need to widen your hips. Choosing pants and skirts in the right colour, fabric and style will have a big impact on your overall look. There’s also certain types of top styles and dress styles you need to avoid so your shoulders don’t look even wide. Celebrity  inverted triangle shape: Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson.

If you have an athletic figure and not much waist definition, then you have a rectangle shape. You want to avoid cropped jackets that end at the waist and choose dresses and tops which define the waist and make you look more curvy. Celebrity  rectangle  shape: Camron Diaz, Hilary Duff.

Dressing for Your Body Shape

There are various things that you need to keep in mind for your makeover fashion. If you have an hourglas figure you should aim for makeover fashion that includes fitted or semi fitted clothing. Stick to low or medium low necklines and avoid baggy clothing. The hourglass is the most popular body shape so if you have it you should definitely flaunt it!

A makeover fashion for pear shaped women should include short sleeved tops and low rise pants. Medium to high neck lines will generally look better and try to purchase accessories that will highlight your upper body.

If you are looking for makeover fashion for what is known as a rectangle shape (small to medium bust, flat bottom and similar to the hourglass figure), you should avoid fitted clothing. Aim for makeover fashion that adds curves such as dresses which wrap or flow over the waistline. You should also aim for medium to high necklines.

Finally if you are trying to create makeover fashion for an oval shaped body, you will need to wear proper supported underwear. Drawing attention to your face using earrings is also a good idea. Try to avoid high necklines, belts and both fitted and clingy fabrics. The best clothing to wear for an oval shape is tops or dresses that flow through the waistline.

Overall when trying to create makeover fashion, you really do need to keep your body shape in mind. By using clothing correctly you can easily hide your body’s imperfections and create the perfect makeover fashion.

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